Why Is Commercial Kitchen Extraction So Important?

By January 30, 2024Kitchen Equipment
kitchen extraction

Commercial kitchen extraction is an extremely important feature within a business premises. Whether you’re looking for a renovation in an existing restaurant, or a brand-new installation in a fresh catering establishment, you’ll want decent ventilation. There are a variety of benefits to a high-quality installation, and we cover them below. If you’re considering replacing an extraction system or installing a new one entirely, read on to find out more.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Equipment

This aspect of commercial kitchen extraction is often overlooked. However, a solid ventilation system can be the difference between equipment that lasts a lifetime, and those that become worn out fast. Grease and other kitchen pollutants build up extremely quickly, especially in a commercial setting. Ensuring all these are extracted and processed as soon as they appear, means they don’t accumulate on your equipment and helps to keep them functioning for longer.

Commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial Kitchen Regulation

As in most commercial environments, there are government-mandated regulations that are mandatory for business premises. If you’re running a restaurant or catering establishment, then you will need to adhere to these. Ventilation and commercial kitchen extraction is a big part of maintaining this regulation, including gas safety, air quality and the requirements of a system to effectively ventilate the area.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Health & Safety

First and foremost, commercial kitchen extraction is essential for appropriate health and safety. There’s a lot of fumes, smoke, vapour and general particles in the air of a kitchen. It’s important to be able to ventilate and extract these in order to maintain a healthy air quality. It gets hot and fast-paced in a commercial setting. So, you need to guarantee the safety of those working within the kitchen so accidents don’t happen, and long term health isn’t at risk.

Choose CCF For Quality Commercial Kitchen Extraction

At CCF, we focus on the design, fabrication and installation of high end commercial kitchens, including extraction and ventilation. If you’re interested in creating the best space you can for a restaurant or catering establishment, then be sure to get in touch with one of our team to discuss a project. We’re here to ensure you get the best quality equipment from industry experts. This way, your commercial kitchen stands the test of time.