Concept manufactures and installs a variety of kitchen extraction and ventilation canopies for commercial kitchens. We offer a bespoke design and installation service. Our kitchen extraction systems are efficient and keep climate and odour under control. We offer a tailored service to meet your needs. With a UK wide customer base, we offer a fast service, speedy delivery and professional installation and maintenance services.

Commercial kitchen extraction

We manufacture a range of top quality commercial kitchen extraction systems including extraction canopies with extract only option or extract and supply air options. Our range includes::

  • Wall mounted extraction canopy
  • Extract and supply air wall mounted canopy
  • Island extraction canopy
  • Extract and supply air island canopy
  • Condense canopy

These are complimented by our ability to supply a full package including stainless steel wall cladding, service distribution units and a fully installed and commissioned ventilation system.

All of our extract canopies are designed in accordance with DW/172 and DW/144 specifications.

Fully manufactured from1.2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel with a dull polished / satin finish to all visible surfaces. External corners are fully welded and polished. All mechanical fixings are hidden where possible and joints between sections are provided with internal cover plates.

Kitchen ventilation designed with your business in mind

We can assist you with a complete service for kitchen ventilation. Our services include:

Full bespoke system design including detailed drawings and specifications

Supply and installation of complete kitchen ventilation systems.

Supply and installation of commercial kitchen extraction canopies.

Climate control, gas interlock, odour control and more.

Benefits of our commercial kitchen canopies

Our commercial kitchen canopies offer a range of benefits. As well as being designed and manufactured using the latest technologies they also boast the following advantages:

Concept have developed our own range of low-energy recessed vapour proof LED lights manufactured in house and supplied with each section canopy.

Our canopies are supplied with highly efficient stainless steel baffle filters that work alongside our specially designed grease collection system and removable grease collection drawers.

We recommend using our patented baffle filter tool  for the safe removal and replacing of filters in our canopies.

Our supply air canopies are specifically designed to maintain negative pressure within commercial kitchens whilst ensuring a more comfortable working environment for kitchen staff.

As a standard our extract and supply air canopies include directional spot coolers that can be individually controlled and an internal supply air stream that reduces spill ensuring smoke and contaminated air is contained within the hood.

Our ventilation systems are designed in house by our experienced team. Following a site survey we will provide a specifically designed system tailored to the customer’s needs ensuring efficient extraction and air supply in any environment.

Concept offers a wide range of ventilation options including odour, smoke and grease solutions. These include Carbon filtration, UV Systems, Ozone units and electrostatic precipitators.

Please contact a member of our team for further details.