Our Guide To Choosing The Right Commercial Kitchen Design

commercial kitchen design

Commercial kitchen design is an integral aspect of a successful, functioning catering establishment. Whether it’s a small café or a large restaurant, it’s important to assess key elements of design to ensure everything runs smoothly. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide on how to make the right decisions to help with just that. Read on to find out more.

Utilise Your Space With Commercial Design

As with any design, it’s crucial to utilise the space appropriately, this means thinking about the various walkways, equipment and layout of your existing area so that you can put the right equipment in the right place. Not only this, but elements such as ventilation, light and health and safety should be assessed before making any final decisions so that the space is used to its full potential, and doesn’t breach any commercial kitchen regulations.

Commercial kitchen equipment

Build A Kitchen Around Your Menu & Cuisine

Different menus and culinary cuisines require different equipment. Therefore, it’s really important to factor this into your commercial kitchen design. For example, if you’re serving mainly Italian cuisine, then you may be looking at a pizza oven. This is a sizeable piece of kitchen equipment, so you’ll want to make sure you utilise the space appropriately for this component. Contrastingly, if you’re not making any specialty food, you can focus more on space and efficiency instead.

Think About The Flow Of Traffic & Work

A busy commercial kitchen should implement a design that considers workflow and traffic. Wait staff and various chefs will be moving around a lot, and it can get heated in a commercial space. So, we advise thinking about the entrance, exit and workstations when designing a kitchen. If you’re unsure of the best practice, be sure to speak to a professional commercial kitchen design company to guarantee no traffic or workflow issues arise.

Contact CCF For Professional Commercial Kitchen Design

At CCF, we’re experts in commercial kitchen design. We can ensure all regulations are adhered to, all aspects of space, equipment and flow are considered so that the kitchen you end up with is designed to the highest standard. Trust the experts and give us a call today to find out more, or book a consultation.